craig slon


Craig Slon studied rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, composition and music ethnography at Sarah Lawrence College and received a BA in Liberal Arts.

He received grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Digital Harbor Foundation, Artlink, Sarah Lawrence College and City Artist Corps Grants. Craig Slon won a music publishing contract from the Tirreno Editorial Group composer competition and received a Craft Award for Original Score from the First Run Festival of New York University. He was commissioned by cellist Jamie Fiste to compose music for solo cello.

Slon lived in Andalusia for ten years. His music has been performed in Spain, Denmark, Australia, Peru, United States, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany, China and Russia, with 10 world premiere performances in NYC.

Craig Slon studied Desana sound symbolism and categorization with Irving Goldman and has spent time with Tarahumara and Shuar indigenous communities.

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